The Roseau Valley Hotel

Dominica, often referred to as the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean,” is home to many natural treasures. Among its most cherished is Screw’s Sulphur Spa, a therapeutic haven renowned for its warm sulphuric pools and tranquil ambiance. Just a short stroll away from this natural wonder is The Roseau Valley Hotel, offering guests the perfect blend of relaxation and luxury.

The Healing Waters of Screw’s Sulphur Spa

Highlighted on TripAdvisor and beloved by both locals and tourists alike, Screw’s Sulphur Spa is a testament to Dominica’s rich geothermal activity. The spa’s warm pools, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, provide a therapeutic experience that rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul. A visit to this spa is not just a dip in its healing waters but a journey into the heart of Dominica’s natural beauty.

The Roseau Valley Hotel: Your Luxurious Retreat

Nestled amidst the verdant landscapes of the Roseau Valley, The Roseau Valley Hotel stands as a beacon of luxury and comfort. Its proximity to Screw’s Sulphur Spa makes it the ideal choice for travelers seeking both adventure and relaxation.

Each of the hotel’s 11 spacious rooms offers a blend of modern amenities and local charm. Guests can unwind on private verandas, soak in panoramic views, and enjoy the comforts of home. For those planning extended stays, the hotel’s studio apartments, complete with kitchen facilities, promise a homely experience.

Savor Dominica’s Culinary Heritage

The in-house restaurant at The Roseau Valley Hotel is a culinary delight. Drawing from the island’s rich gastronomic traditions, guests can indulge in local delicacies, fresh seafood, and a range of vegetarian options, all crafted with utmost care and passion.

A Stay to Remember

The testimonials and reviews from guests underscore The Roseau Valley Hotel’s commitment to excellence. From its warm hospitality to its attention to every detail, the hotel ensures that every guest leaves with cherished memories.

Embark on Your Dominica Adventure

With the magic of Screw’s Sulphur Spa just steps away and the promise of luxury at The Roseau Valley Hotel, your perfect Dominica getaway awaits. Dive into nature, indulge in luxury, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Ready to experience the best of Dominica? Book now by emailing us at

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